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Design/Build Tips

Make a list

Write down all your wants, no matter how outrageous you might believe them to be.  Then write down your absolute needs.  This way we can have a nice starting point for design.  When we have these lists we can start a design that will have the needs and also incorporate many of the wants. 

Have plenty of pictures/examples.

I urge my clients to supply examples of designs they like.  Our most successful design-build projects are accomplished because our clients have a bunch of examples of the items they love.  When we have these we can incorporate many of the design features.

A good place to start is  A lot of people do Pinterest as well.

Where will you live?

​By this we mean, where will you conduct your everyday tasks.  Some of our clients have been fortunate enough to move to a second home during the renovations.  Most, however, don't have this luxury.  So you need to consider if you want to live in your kids room and make them sleep on the floor while your master bedroom and bathroom are getting a complete overhaul or do you want to set up a temporary room in the basement.   These are not fun thoughts but still a decision that needs to be made. 

Storing your items.

What items are essential to keep out?  What items are essential to keep hidden?  What items can go into storage and then come out for a garage sale 3 years later.    

Ask for help. 

K.E. Dittmar Company has been through this process hundreds of times.  Let us help you.   When you need help we will be here.  Call anytime 1-740-453-9974.



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